2003 gem

Can someone tell me where the DC to DC converter is in this pic and what the extra wires are im holding they also come out of the new charger

You appear to have the original style open DC/DC converter board. They were recalled years ago. (PB board under main breaker.) The good news is the recall is still in force. The other recall item is the hand brake device, also viable.

The Green Red assembly is the remote indicator. I’m a Zivan guy so not sure about the other 2. DQ guys will chime in. Welcome to the Forum. Do you have any documentation?

How about the whole story behind the question. Is this a project car?


AS in wiring schematics that should have come with it no. Im working on this for a used golf cart retailer. Their guy sends me stuff he cant figure out and he<s not much on computer use. He told me I just had to install the charger but I think there is a little more wrong than that.

I’ve recharge all the batteries individualy and the pack is at 75v now and nothing works not even my snap-on test light that isn’t 75v compatible apparently LOL. oops.

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Being new to the GEM Cars, where can I access info on any possible recalls that may need to be completed on my 2002? Where can I access a list of approved recall service providers in my area?

you have your work cut out for you . that charger is a deltaq for 2005+ carts . 2003 had zivan chargers in them . I have heard of people doing the conversion ( deltaq is a better charger) try finding info or just put a zivan back in it

Thats what the gem dealer sold them. LOL

I have a deep and abiding hate for DQ chargers. Definently put the Zivan back in. The Califonia Zivan people take weeks for Zivan Repairs. FSIP is the quick and reliable source for Zivan Rebuilds. The GEM dealer in your area is responsible for recall items. He doesn’t even know it and wont want to touch it. However he is responsible.

Take 2 hours and read ALL posts in the GEM subforum this action will answer 90 percent of your questions.


I have a zivan charger that was just repaired and comes with a 6 month factory warranty. I well sell it for 300. if your interested.

OK thanks for the replies ill have the owners call the dealer. See what they can get done.

I contacted Polaris and the DC to DC converter is covered and they will look at the brake ass. and decide if it needs to be replaced :slight_smile: So thanks again Guys. and we will find out about the charger and why they sold us the wrong one I guess.