Error code 045? And zivan charger not working

Hey I have an 02 gem car that has an error code 045. And the zivan charger Blinks yellow green and beeps any help would be awesome!!!

Did you google it?

Gem code -45 ???

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Yea I did google it but I have selected gel batteries as well as all other selection and still get a green yellow audiable sound

That’s all I’ve got.
Maybe the switch is bad.
I’ll invite Rodney.

45 Code requires control service.


Hey the code went away don’t know why and now it back to driving 20mph. I am curious to know if you know how I could make my zivan charger work it blinks yellow green with audiable sound. I have gel batteries but still it will not charge on selection c.

What switch maybe bad? Is it something I can do myself?

Call Electric Conversions and ask them what switch setting to use, Have model and serial number ready.


Do you think the charger is broke

It’s possible - try different switch settings to see if the error goes away. If you get the error on all possible settings it could be bad.

I think it’s charging now but I’m not sure if I need the cars power disconnect to be on or off while charging?

Main switch has to be on


Perfect thanks. Now what I have to do to get on my lights wipers horn blinkers working

You have to fix whatever is preventing that from happening.