Zivan charger error - green flashing

New to me 2002 GEM (have had for 3 weeks). I have searched the site and found the sticky with the error codes. But still needing advice.

Charging code - “green flash without audible alarm: battery temperature out of range, extreme hot or cold weather, charger will reset in one hour”

Batteries were run down pretty low. After plugging in to charge, it gives green flashing code without alarm. I then turned off main power and charged each battery for 10 minutes each and then left the charger on the last one overnight. This morning, the GEM display says 75%. Plug in to charge, and still getting the same error. Any advice for previous experiences?

Thank you!

How old are the batteries?

Check each cell with a hydrometer.

The batteries were just installed with Napa batteries in February. I will check each cell tonight with a hydrometer.

What size and model # batteries?

Is this a new problem?

The batteries are Napa 8231’s just purchased in February. Prior to this problem, the car charged with our issues a few times (only had it a few weeks).
I un hooked each battery and charged each with a portable smart charger. Hooked all backup, and tried again. Same problem…green flashing light and no audible alarm.
Any suggestions, please?


Did yu take out flooded batteries or Gels? Gel program undercharges Flooded batteries.

How much range do you have with the NAPA’s

I left it plugged and after an hour or so the light changed to flashing yellow and the alarm was sounding. I unplugged and plugged back in. The charger turned on the light stayed a solid red. I left it plugged in and will check on it later.

I did remove the dash to check the charger. It has a label saying that it is set for flooded, and I checked the rotary switch is at F. With limited use so far, I think I would like to see more range as the charge seams to drop quickly.

Is a replacement battery temperature sensor available anywhere?

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I takes up to 40 charge cycles to break in a set of batteries. I bought the same batteries you have from O Riellies and only got 7 miles on the first charge.

Note.Check water level. Their shipped with minimum fluid.

Run it like you stole it and go thru more charge cycles. Did you check Specific Gravity You can sometimes get a new battery thats defective.

When checked this morning after leaving to charge overnight, the yellow light was flashing again with the audible alarm too. The GEM was in the garage at 60 degrees and the temp sensor was out in the open air. Could it be a problem with the temperature sensor? If so, where can I get a replacement?
I traced it back to the charger and attached to the sensor is the cable going to the charge indicator light on the steering column. Should be simple to replace.

Get rid of the Temperature sensor, it’s not needed.

If I just unplug the sensor and the light cable, I lose the light. Is it possible to keep the light? I’m not sure how the sensor works…if I would cut the sensor off the end, are there wires to connect to each other or just tape them up?

Pull the plug to deactivate the sensor. Read the light on the charger


In my mind if the sensor is unplugged the sensor circuit is then open and the charger functions,. Ergo you can cut the sensor wire and keep the pigtail light

Does zivan use three wire sensor?
Just curious!

I simply cut the sensor cable, however, it still wouldn’t turn on the charger. I then unplugged this sensor/charger status indict, and the charger did turn and charge fine. So until I decide to order this sensor ($58), I won’t have the indicator. I think I can get by.
Thank you for all the help!

Many carts don’t have the indicator. Look at it this way. It ain’t broke don’t F with it. Buy beer instead.

[quote=Inwo;30183]Does zivan use three wire sensor?
Just curious![/quote]

If it’s three wires it may be a couple dollar part.

I like the way you think!

The sensor was 2 wires. If I connected them, no luck. If I separated them, no luck. So I unplugged and drank a beer.

A beer “time out” has cured many problems!

If it’s two wires it’s a cheap part for sure.

If someone would measure resistance at room temperature, I’ll source one.
I did this for DQ if someone wants one.