2008 GEM E4 - No Power

Cheers Everyone!

I am in need of some advice. I purchased a 2008 E4 from an auction (police department). It has no power at all. The dash lights don’t turn on, everything is dead.

Steps I took:
Confirmed the master switch in the cab is turned on.
Charged for one week.

I did notice the charger under the hood has the top light blinking. It is the one with the exclamation point in it.

Not sure what to do. I have a 2002, but they are quite different. The 2002 has a master switch under the back seat. From what I have read, the 2008 has the switch in the cab.

Can anyone offer some advice please? Want to get this thing going for my kiddo.


First check voltage at batteries.
It won’t charge if batteries are low.
Connect them one at a time to a dumb charger, if they are dead.

[quote=Inwo;31457]First check voltage at batteries.
It won’t charge if batteries are low.
Connect them one at a time to a dumb charger, if they are dead.[/quote]

I will give it a shot. Thank you.

There are a lot of things that may be the cause of the problem. Be proactive and take 2 hours and read all the posts in the GEM subforum. The information there is an education for new and present owners.There are answers for Past and Present problems and answers for Problems that might come up in your future

Ok…so after a week now, I have charged each battery individually. The dash now has power. However, the inverter is performing the same. The top light (photo attached) with the two triangles and exclamation points continue to flash red. The light below stays orange.

Anyone have an idea as to why this occurs?

Thanks again for the help!


Bad batteries or bad charger.
Does the car work ok now?

This is the first time I have had the power come on in the dash. I just purchased it and don’t know any history on the car.
I tried to put in in gear and it doesn’t seem to move. The dash only displays one red bar for the battery.

Do you have a way to check battery voltage?

yes…do you recommend a certain way? I ask because they are in series and I’m not familiar with these systems.

Thank you for your prompt response.



Do you have any technical ability? Can you read an electrical diagram and use a VOM

(volt,ohm, millimeter)?

Many times the cheapest and quickest way to get going is to bite the bullet and pay the $100 hourly charge at your dealer.


The flashing red light indicates a problem - The light under it indicates you have the charger plugged in. To reset unplug the charger for 30 seconds

Did you unplug the charger when you tried to move the car?

I do have a basic understanding. I also have a multimeter I’ve been using to test the volts. I have a power probe hook, but unfortunately I can’t really use it on the GEM.

I feel really dumb…I actually didn’t unplug it first.

I just checked it and it moved back and forward. :clap2:

What do you recommend next Sir? Thank you again!


Check total battery volts at the ends of the string + to -.
Count the blinks.
Error 6 means it can’t charge, due to bad batteries, connections, or internal fault.

I’m sorry…I am not sure I understand. Couple questions for clarification if you don’t mind. Btw…thank you for all this help.

  1. The end of string?
  2. Count the blinks on what exactly?

Right now the dash is actually on with it plugged in. It shows one red bar and a picture of a plug. I’m assuming it means its charging.



Got to bed for at least 8 hours and leave it cook…


Well…It has now been 11 hours. The battery indicator in the dash display now has two bars on the battery life. I’m guessing it’s safe to say at this point that I need to replace the batteries.

Thanks for all the help. I really appreciate it!

Happy 4th!!!


Check the voltage of each battery and report

SOLVED: I went ahead and purchased 6 new Trojan batteries. The car runs great. No more electrical issues. I did notice the motor is a little noisy compared to my 2002 GEM. Sounds a bit like a loud gear. I have to investigate further to see exactly where/why it’s making the noise. But it sure is nice knowing she’s reliable and working. :slight_smile:

Congrats, good to hear you’re up a running. I’m looking to buy some new batteries for my eLxD, which model Trojan batteries did you buy? And how are they working out/ would you recommend that model? Thanks