Magic Magnet review thread "price increase"

You have to do the math If you have a stock 7hp long motor 5000Rpm is the limit. I have a spread sheet that gives you tire vs gearbox info. all you do is enter the tire size and hit enter. Send me an email if you want a copy.


you should be able to get 32+ mph

tires 32+ psi

#21 = 255

#13 drop 10% from current

#8 set to 255

#7 drop to 60

test and let us know both speedo and actual speeds

[quote=Randyk;31421]I have a 2011 e6 that reads on the speedometer that it’s going 26 but it’s only going 22. I’d like to get it to st least 25.

Are you missing this?
Gear ratio/tire size set wrong?

what did you change to get to 28mph ?

I’m up to 31/hour from changing 13 & 16 (already changed 21 to 255).

Speedometer shows 28 but car is going 31 on flat. Takes a while to get there and would like to accelerate a bit more quickly if that is doable.

Changed 13 and 16 to 85 and 115 respectively. If 13 was set below 85 then I would get error 14, if 16 was set above 115 then I also get error 14.

I don’t have a MS laptop so instead I ran the GE Sentry software on Windows 8.1 running on Parallels on my Mac. Biggest problem was connecting the USB port on my Mac to a comm port running on my windows 8.1 virtual desktop.

Your idea is in the works.:wink:
Not that one…the other one…:slight_smile:

This one keeps speedometer correct to 25mph. That should overcome some concerns that controller ramps are affected adversely.

At speeds above 25, speedometer will continue to read 25mph. Effectively removing speed limit.

What do you think?

While the new model is in the works, I’m potting a test model for Rodney.

This one uses binary coded dip switch to select pulse reduction by ~6% steps.

ie. 6%-12%-18%-25% etc. All the way to 94%. May not function over 50%.:wink:

Switches additive:
1 =~ 6%
2 =~ 12%
3 = 25%
4= 50%

Shown all “on” = 3.75 pulses out of 4.

This is just my 2c but I find it easy to just to doubble the speed I see on the dash if the dash shows 10 that means I’m going 20mph easy peezey. So for me the dip switch to change % seems like just another thing to make it more complicated

I don’t like the speedo “Jumping” so at 25 the speedo reads correct and then at 26 mph the speedo jumps to a corrected speed. I had that version and it plays tricks on your mind as you don’t know if your are in correct mode or in adjusted speed mode that 25-30mph range is tricky

No, these are different.

The one with switches is to keep from overspeeding motor. By just raising the limit a few %.
That’s a special one for Rodney.

The new model shouldn’t jump if I get it working.

Don’t worry the 1/2 speed is the only one that sells. :smiley:

Just sent one to your buddy.

What I’m looking for is a magnet setting that will let me go ONLY a LITTLE faster than stock with a stock motor. 30 MPH is good for me. I don’t need an RFF motor to do 32 MPH. Really the Long 5 HP is an outstanding motor and I just want to protect it.

My 2 seater with a T3 does 37 MPH with an 8.9 gear box. I have other uses for the RFF.

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I’ll send you this one if it checks out.

   This will help any gem owner that wants a little more, no more 28mph shutoff	
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See that you got it today. :slight_smile:

Made another that sold on Ebay for a premium.

Hoping for good reviews, so I can build more.:clap2:

Sent you an email

Please reply with your comments/recommendations


Critique this explanation for me.
No one knows what I’m talking about. :smiley:

Stock tach signal is divided by 16 by my device.
Each switch adds pulses when set to “on”.
Up to maximum of 15. (15 out of 16)
1 = only one pulse delivered per 16. (not useful)
2 = 2
3 = 4
4 = 8
Binary progression!

Switches add. All on = 15/16
#4 on = 8/16 or 1/2 (like normal MM)

Does this explain switch settings better?

Based on a stock magnet which provides 4 pulses per revolution:

Useful settings follow:

1 + 2 + 3 + 4 on = 3.75 ppr
2 + 3 + 4 on = 3.5 ppr
1 + 3 + 4 on = 3.25 ppr
3 + 4 on = 3 ppr
1 + 2 + 4 on = 2.75 ppr
2 + 4 on = 2.5 ppr
1 + 4 on = 2.25 ppr
4 on = 2 ppr

Good feedback from first sale…:slight_smile:

"Good transaction, would recommend to other eBayers. A++

This will help any gem owner that wants a little more, no more 28mph shutoff.

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Intresting: I sold a 2001 E2 to a friend. It’s got the stock 3hp motor. The car runs and drives great. But after a few months of zipping around in it he is asking if it can go faster then 25. This would be a great product to give him and let him choose how fast he wants the car to go!!! . This way if he chooses to make the car go 40 and the motor lets go I feel no guilt!

He is a responsible guy and if he turned up the cart I know he wouldn’t drive for prolonged periods at speed so it would last, but he also has kids. My fear is that they would drive it with the Pedal to the Metal the whole time and then “pop Go’s the Motor”

Have two more dip switch models built and one that is “fixed” at 12% over speed.

Then it will be a few weeks before new boards are in.

Rodney is testing.

What are your thoughts on adjustment methods and steps?

Can build them with “keys” for overspeed level. Like Club Car.

I could see a dial type switch that has settings 30, 35, 40 and that way the driver could simply turn the switch to the desired speed or setting

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