Magic magnet km/p Version

I just got my hands on David’s new magic magnet. This one allows you to place the car in kilometers per hour mode. And the car actually reads in correct and accurate miles per hour. Me likely.
Another interesting tidbit about this you can change the jumpers to make it read either half speed or other configurations I don’t know why you would but it’s adjustable

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HI grantwest. What is the name of this device, and where did you get it? Would it work with a 2005 T3 controller? Thanks, Jonathan Wallick

I make them.
Adjustable models are $xxx delivered to conus. Priority USPS.
Yes, works with all cars that use 3 pin connector on motor sensor.
It will allow higher speed and remove plugging that is normally felt at 25-27mph.
It will not add performance or speed above potential of motor, controller, battery combination.

What am I looking at ?

I’m looking to get one of these magic magnets. I have a 2008 Gem E4.

Send a PM to Dave @Inwo or maybe he will drop in here. He invented it and sells them.

$135 with a note.

what does the note need to say

For MM and your address.

Thanks for replying Dave. Do you send instructions with it? And is it comparable to my 2008 Gem?

No instructions. Just plug it in.

I sent you my address and the note.


Looking to purchase magic magnet for my 2010 GEM e4
need to go from 25 MPH to 30 MPH
Thank you

Price is updated above. $135 to PayPal link.

Done, Thank you!
Expected ETA?

Tracking number: 9405528206334324566313

I would like to buy a MM to my GEM ES from 2008. Is that something you can arrange? Need shipping to Sweden


I would need to list on ebay and use global shipping unless you can arrange shipping.

Ok, I see. Sorry but I’m not able to do the shipping. If you are able to list on eBay I would be very happy.

See if this works.
Have not used the international shipping option previous.

Thank you! have placed the order.