Magic Magnet news

A customer of mine likes my product so much that he has decided to patent it.
He denies that it is similar in any way. I hope by posting his admission here that he can not prevent me from future sales.

This is an excerpt from a public reply to a post by Grant.

“For your information we did not reverse engineer David’s Magic Magnet. It does not compare to his product in anyway. I have asked David to call me a number of times to talk about this. He refuses to call me. I put it out on the market. Not for the speed sensor part, but for other things we have planned for this product. As our R and D Department tells me a speed sensor can be made by a blind monkey. The C***** speed sensor was built for future option development. 2014 and no improvement- we must step up in GEM cart world.”

Thank you RP for reminding me of the Magic Magnet birthday.
Good luck with sales. I have no problem with imitations. All my products are free to copy. Information on them by request.

That is fantastic! I’m glad you aren’t upset over this.
I was planning to introduce my new line of Gem car performance enhancers.

First in the series is the Bayou Blaster.
Intended for those that feel their car could use a bigger set of b@lls and features a superior cooling design found in nature.

More designs pending, (my wife’s google search algorithm is going to be affected for months)


Here’s an old link for his R&D to look at.

Reference to 2014 availability.
I’ve had a good run with no pirates.

I tested and ran a Magic Magnet with Dip Switches, that even allowed you to adjust the speed you wanted to car to run at. Example you could move dip switches and make the car go 25 or 35 or 45.

Then I tested one that had a Tac Sence and a RFID keychain. So if you wanted your kids to drive slow you just removed the RFID key fob from the car and it went back to 25. Kinda like the RED Key for Hellcat Dodge’s