Magic magnet not producing results

Has anyone else had no results with a magic magnet?

I tried it on my 01, no difference in speed. It did eliminate the governed/cutout at 25mph. But I bought it for the speed increase. I wrote it off to having aftermarket wheels and tires.

I tried it yesterday on my neighbors stock 2000, and it still had no effect on speed… He has brand new Gel batteries, and stock wheels and tires.

Both on GPS. Thoughts? I was under the assumption these would gain a few MPH. Thanks for any feedback.

Sounds like it’s doing it’'s job of moving the governor to a higher speed right? You can now go faster then 25 on the flat or down hills at least? The MM does only one thing, it sends a half signal to the speed control from the motor.
Your restrictions now are battery voltage combined with a low speed control setting and a stock motor. In stock form the gem cars perform very well as set up. Small motor that is fine even in hot weather at 25mph on mostly flat ground for several miles at a time.
I run my gem truck at 38 on the flat and 45 down long hills with stock tires and rims. I use it for work daily. I am quickly burning up a RFF 7.5hp motor with a speed controler tune and a 3.8 kWh Ford Energi 21cell pack. The higher voltage gets me the speed along with the speed controller tune and the 7.5hp motor is getting hot on 7 mile runs and cooking eggs if I go more then 10 miles at a time. I sure this motor will need new bearings and brushes soon!

the mm just fools your controller so that it wont stop you from going over 25mph but your gem still has to have the power to do it . tell us more about your setup . i only modify 2005+ gems , on those most stock gems will go 31 + mph

I have an 08 4 seater. Does the magnet work on the 7.0 motor? I just wanna get 35mph. Thanks Scott

Hey kinghappy can you dm me please. Thanks Scott

MM works on and 08 with a 7hp, used it on two of them - should be no issue. Still with stock controller and stock batt’s you are not going to see much over 35mph. Bigger tires and whells would make a big difference, Lithium upgrade would kill it.
My buddy’s 2002 with Lithium, 25" tires/wheels, MM, 5HP motor hits 43mph on a flat.

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Cool thanks for info. Thanks Scott

Morning kinghappy just trying to see if you have used the magic magnet on increased speed. I saw you posted you fix them 2005 newer to go faster. Thanks Scott

I have not used a mm . I reprogram my controllers . On the 2007 I changed the gear ratio to 10.35 . If your gem is surging at top speed , the motor wants to go faster . I think the mm would work .