Magic Magnet does nothing

Just installed the MM on my 2002 Gem, stock motor, stock everything, fairly new batteries. Did some speed runs with it in and with it out of the circuit. 23 mph on the GPS with and without the MM. The only thing it did do was put the speedometer out of whack. I know I hooked it up right, it’s not rocket science. Any ideas?

If 23 was all you were hitting, then your cart is the problem not the mm.

The mm doesnt make the cart faster, it simply tricks the governor into thinking the cart is going slower than it is, thereby allowing you to drive faster, if the cart can do it.

The governor is the “max overspeed” setting in the t1 and t2 controllers, usually set to 25 or 27 stock. If tou cant break 23mph, your problem is elsewhere. If, without the mm, you floor it and at max speed you feel the motor cutting in and out, like surging, then the mm would help you get past that. Doesn’t spu d yo be the case here

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^^^ What Jar Jar said.

That jacked up speedo means the MM is working. Your cart just does not have any more to give you. If you have a small hill on your test loop, see how fast it goes on a speed run. Try it with and without the MM and you will feel the difference.

With that MM in place, You need to next look at condition of your batteries and connections. Put a volt meter on the B+ and B- terminals on your controller and note the resting V of your pack, then take it for a ride and see how much it drops and how fast.

When was the last time your motor was serviced? Check if a brush is sticking. If so, it means you are only running on half a motor.

What motor is in there? Most likely it is a short GE5. Depending on the history of this car, hopefully motor is not a 3.5.

Check all wheels to make sure they are free spinning and that you don’t have a brake dragging, Make sure they are properly inflated.

Thanks for all that info guys, I’ll check all this out soon. I got the car in June, it has 3800 miles on it and by the looks of it everything is original (except for the batteries), even the tires. The motor seems fine, the acceleration is pretty impressive, but I haven’t taken a good look at it. I don’t know if that’s a lot of miles for a motor or the history of how it was taken care of or abused, I might put a new motor in it one day. I really don’t need any more speed for what I use it for anyway just tooling around the neighborhood flat streets, but it’s always nice to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it. Thanks again!

3800 miles on a gem motor is relative to how and where it got them. Near the beach, run hard, yeah its a lot. Slow in the desert driving around a golf course, its not much.

00-04 are notorious for dragging brakes. Even a little drag will murder your top end.

You may see about 28 mph, possibly even 30, depends on the differential and tire size

2002 common to have a rear brake drag. jack up rear and spin tires

rear brake drag. jack up rear and spin tires

I always forget about this. I’m going to start bringing a floor jack whenever I go out for house calls.

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For when the “Magic” magnet doesn’t provide the magic. LOL

Yep, no happy ending…