Magic Magnet Remote

Good morning, David I just sent you Pay Pal for the MM. Thanks

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There is a problem with address.

“David Mullen 12 Jay Loop Center Ossipee NH, 03814”

Maybe its soelled “oopsie, NH”

(Sorry had to)

Maybe its spelled “oopsie, NH”

No that is the next town over. It is a city of really clutzy and uncoordinated people. You mainly see them on infomercial tv failing badly at doing the normal tasks people do every day.

I googled it and it shows up as:
12 Jay Loop
Center Ossipee NH, 03814

Just plain Ossipee NH has a different zipcode. 03864 but oddly zillow shows a 12 Jay Loop, Ossipee NH 03864

Everything is ‘different’ in NH!

Tnx, usps won’t print 03814 it changes it to 03864.
Not sure how to handle it. I guess take it to the po and ask if i can just write it in.

It will find its way here, not sure why it does that.

To confirm my address is
12 Jay Loop
Center Ossipee
NH 03814
hopefully they will print the label for you or just hand write it.