Need magic magnet for 2008

Hello everyone, I just picked up a 2008 ES at a government auction and would like more speed. I can’t locate a mm online and was wondering if anyone has the link or contact info?


Send $125 with a note to:

Looking for a MM for an ‘07
Anyone have one?

Do you have any more magic magnets for 2002 Gem Car

Yes I do…

I need a mm for 07 E2 with 12 to 1 transmission if that matters. It has a D&D blue motor already on it.

As long as speedometer is reading correctly it will work fine.

Dave do have enough built I will need 2 or 3 more Waiting my neighbor but I will take 2 for sure I purchase before and all are working great Lee

Yes I do…

Ok dave I need 4 total of M M and what is the total so I can send money

I will save a little shipping.

OK as soon as my son comes home I will have him do the PayPal thanks again

My son said he just sent it to you let me know if you get it thanks

Send address again. Or better yet have him send me $1 payment for goods. I can print a label from PayPal.

Did you get it yet Lee

Yes, perfect…