Magic Magnet Remote

2013 GEM e2 es GE 5hp

Can there be a bypass switch for the Magic Magnet?
Will the MM object [release smoke or otherwise become non-functional] to being powered up with no load on the in or out signal wire?
What about extending the MM wires into the cab?

Why would you want to do such a thing?

Magic magnet. You?

Finally got tired of going 25 and holding up traffic? :rofl:

I suppose you could extend the wires. Maybe install a multi pole switch to allow you to go back and forth between modes.

I’m thinking maybe he has a driver in the house that he doesn’t want going 35 in an over grown golf cart.

Dont most performance / sport autos have a kid/valet mode that wont let the driver go hooning?

Some creative wiring and a keyed switch on the h/l feed wires would fix that.

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YESSSS!!! Worlds first GEM with a track key.


Down here in Newport Beach that is a Valet Key.
Can’t have them going all Ferris Bueller with the hotrod!

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Only need to switch the green signal wire from motor.
Use two poles to break both green wires to mm.
Open circuit is fine.
Dpdt should do it.
I could also buid one special with a remote dip switch, i guess.

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Yeah, the cripple-key(per).

Up here in NorCal where we still have racetracks, we call them track keys. They go vroom-vroom better than the regular key. Nieener. Nieener.

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Most of the mm have the switch exposed above the potting.
It can be broken off exposing 6 pins. 3 are common ground. 3 are 1, 2, 3.
3 has the largest affect. Solder 2 small wires to ground and 3, then route to a simple on-off switch.
Two get back to original 1+2 setting, bend the #1 pins toward each other and solder.
I will do it if sent to me prepaid return, for the experience.

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The basic idea is to be able to use a relay wired into DL to bypass MM.
I was just clarifying that the MM isn’t harmed by the signal wire being open, with the power on
DL is 15mph which is what the school zones are in Reno, I live in the middle of several blocks of Pedestrian Safety Zones with 20mph speed limits, which are targets of enhanced enforcement depending on the time of the month

With the dip switches wired remote, some relay logic, various levels of speed control would be possible

Last I saw the MM price is $135, how much extra $ and lead time for remote dipswitch setup?

1/2 pedal = 25mph on flat ground
20mph, full pedal for overpasses & hills, I’m guessing is due to reduced pack voltage/current more than T4 settings or motor
I don’t have enough battery to go faster, nor am I convinced of the need…
I think if you are getting one finger salutes, you waited too long to let them pass or should choose a different route

GEMs are no different than any other, machine, make em work harder, they break more often, in new & exciting ways.

Malicious Compliance. certainly is a source of entertainment here, at the very least allows JrJava to try out new material

I can get one out next day. However that will be Monday now.
Remember that the mm will not reduce the speed limit.
However it can double the limit of turf mode.
Also it has no affect on power it only raises the limit.
Open circuit is not a problem.

On a side note. You can connect to remote relays such as rfid or key fobs.

Is the Turf DL Profile for the controller output different than the DH profile?
Current, Voltage, Field, Ramp, regen…
Is running for extended periods, 1/2 pulses in turf mode going to heat up the motor or T4 controller?

Turf is not really a profile/table/curve swap. It’s just an altered top speed setting.
It should do about the same thing as running half pedal.

Are you currently running into a heat problem? (controller or motor?)

No problems, just curious
Before I accidentally let the smoke out of an expensive part
I can’t perceive any difference in launch behavior in DL

Good afternoon all, new guy to this so please don’t kill me. I have a stock 2002 four seater and would like to get a bit more speed. Is the Magic Magnet still available? Will it work on my car. Where do I purchase it from? Thanks for any help

After installing the new pack
Smokes the tires in DH off the line, in DL not so much as a chirp
I’m wondering if there are negative consequences of starting in low & switching to high once I’m rolling, beyond wearing out the direction switch?

Contact Electric Forum to purchase a Magic Magnet
The Magic Magnet effectively removes the governor so your GEM will go as fast as your motor, gearbox & batteries will allow

Not at all. You can also program higher speed in turf mode or less acceleration in high.