Looking for DQ Algorithms and Voltage Spoof

Thank you, but think that I initiated this misunderstanding by informing him of a service we offer to diy battery purchasers.
I thought it clear that he had progressed beyond this point, but not knowing me, it may have read like a shake down.
Forgot to invite you to the pm. Not so private after I invited LG for a 2nd opinion of using a 96v charger on a 26s lfp battery.

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My 2 cents… This went sideways in a lot of ways. Context and tone lost in just a typed message board which seems to happen in this virtual world.

Maybe start over, clean slate? I lost track of what we were even trying to solve…

Lithium profile - these are proprietary and not freely available. You need to get these from either Delta Q or the OEM vendor that sold you the charger. Some of the folks on the forum have obtained the profiles from asking favors, paying to have profiles built, etc. Just sending them out or posting them isn’t an option.

Spoof - @Inwo built all mine for a nominal fee. I didn’t want waste time buying the small amount of materials required to put this together. I’m sure he’s not actually making $$ on this. Just offsetting his costs.

I’ve met a bunch of folks on this forum in person and will say, people are on this forum because we share a passion for these little electric cars, are good people, and coming from a good place.


No. No. No. Noooo!

We can no longer be besties if you are going to be like that.

Just fvcking NO. I am so going to ghost you for this.

Spot on Ernie,

Seriously guys, life is too short for this.

I cannot stress how much I DO appreciate all of the awesome advise and help given out freely on this forum and many others.

I never meant to offend anyone and yes, my response to Byron was quite “triggered/spring-loaded”. Maybe I shouldn’t post after working an all-nighter!


So, I’m late to the party… But, let me get this straight. You went AGAINST Mikes and David’s advice? Going to be pretty difficult to seek validation, or any kind of help here!

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Validation no, help yes, we will still try to stop the digging and find a fix for the charger issue.
I wonder if Battery Pete will exchange it.

I agree, but it is 2 separate packs, 2 BMS, Grade A (used) cells… Top balanced before install? 2 separate operating systems in series? keeping the cells balanced? So many potential problems.

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@AssyRequired is probably THE most helpful person on these forums. I own a dealership in California, have quite a bit of knowledge after working on LSV’s since 2002. I only have to call @AssyRequired once or twice a week to get help! He does tend to get a little sideways when people blatantly ignore tried and true processes, and go against what these members on here have learned the hard way. He is actually trying to help you… I know I learned a lot of this the hard way.


And the FOD continues lol…

Cells are brand new Grade A. Top balanced. I’ve been running the gem with no problems now for 3 months. Yes dual bms, 2 13s packs. They are maintaining almost perfect balance (within .002 params).

And AGAIN, Never mentioned, and not seeking any kind of validation.

Re-read my OP, the only questions I had was regarding voltage spoof (Done) and the DQ reprogramming algorithms (which is in progress via the vendor I bought the BRAND NEW unit from). The DQ is actually just fine as is as per LG (Mike’s) gratefully appreciated advice to keep charge level lower!

Sorry to disappoint, but none of this is cobbled together used mish mash.

It’s just a hobby (for me) guys. I even tried to start the clean slate thing as Ernie rightfully suggested.

Some of you folks are a tough crowd and really know how to shut a guy down.

Cheers and peace