Looking for DQ Algorithms and Voltage Spoof

Hey all,

First off would like to thank everyone for the wealth of information provided on these forums. Especially Mike and Dave regarding my Lithium conversion for my vintage 02’ E825.

Being the Emmett Brown type, I decided to forgo going the simple route buying a drop in system, and instead go the much more painful, yet educational route of fabricating my own conversion with 105ah EVE grade A cells. (I know, Mike warned me but my curiosity and dearth of spare time (NOT) go the best of me!)

I’ve got the 26s (2x13s Packs) fully functional with respective JBD Smart BMS Lifepo4 300A 13s BMS ( 1 per 13s Pack).

I added a new DQ 912-9654 Charger with Lithium profile 99 installed. The JBD bms’s control the charger via B- fine, however I don’t believe the 99 profile is allowing me to get up to 3.7v per cell even though the DQ is a 96v unit.

I have the DQ programmer and software (from BatteryPete - ebay) and it interfaces fine with the charger, however the only profile on the unit is the 99.

Does anyone have the 177 or other Lithium Algorythm(s) I can program the charger with?

Also looking to either make or buy a voltage spoof to reduce line voltage to pin 1 of my T2 controller. I assume the spoof is a diode type system and the pin 1 line amperage is fairly low ( I only registered less than 1amp draw with my clamp dc ammeter)?

I will purchase both if available.

I will post yet another detailed diary of my Gem resurrection later when I have more time!

I know, I know you warned me Mike, but curiosity always gets this cat!

Tony (barely awake in Lima)

I suggest you get the support where you purchased the parts.
The things you need are proprietary and only shared with our clients.
It seems you are not looking for advice as you already went with LiFePo4 cells.

Already done and in process Dave.

My bad for thinking this forum was an open exchange of information and missing the fact that it’s primarily a forum for advertising goods/services.

My sincere apologies.

I think we give plenty of advice, and will continuue to do the same.
It works best when the advice is taken. :slight_smile:
Using 26s? Where did you come up with that? Spoofing controller? That a great idea. Maybe found on this forum, where information is public.

And I appreciate it.

Of course I got the spoof advice here! When economics and time are not a concern, I find experimentation by trial and error entertaining.

The 26s was simply an awesome deal I found for the lot. I can always remove 2s or lower charge and not worry about voltage spoof.

I go fast enough with my day job anyway.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, 26 is the perfect number. Thought maybe, you found that from lg’s testing.

My bad for thinking this forum was an open exchange of information and missing the fact that it’s primarily a forum for advertising goods/services.

Wow - Am I reading this correct? Let’s review…
It appears you have discovered the value of the archives so you probably have seen how far back some of the key players go. The archives represent many thousands of man hours and personal finances burned up trying different combinations to see what they do. You might have even noted the builds which pruduced less than stellar results from the early days.

(guessing) You appear to have had personal (private) consult off the side (since it does not show up in a public topic) from Mike and Dave about building your own personal car.

Then you chose to continue down the path you were warned against and bought a bunch of odd components from various sources and cobbled them together. When things don’t work out as planned due to the various sources don’t exactly supply what you need, you show up here for more help to get your mess straightened out?

Then you decide to insult the entire community and say we aren’t helpful?

How is this plan working out for you?

You can spoof a controller?!?!!?


Whats next? Maybe an AC motor in an old gem? Real lithium batteries? Swaybars?

I’ll bet Carly Simon over at R$F did all that stuff first. Just ask him…

Wow man, you need to maybe chil just a bit.

I’ve followed and researched the many resources both here and on other forums just like everyone else.

I, and I alone chose to take the route I have strictly for it’s learning/entertainment value as money isn’t as important to me as the hobby/ entertainment value of my project.

Nowhere did I state things didn’t workout as planned. My “cobbled” project is functioning pretty much as I expected. Amazingly better than the original gels!

I offered to pay for the items I asked about.

Now for my observations about you…

I’ve followed many of your posts and although a very informative poster, you have a tendency to jump the gun and BERATE other posters such as myself. You seem to think you are superior to everyone that simply comes on here looking for information and SOMETIMES advice.

You explicitly have knowledge of my comms with Dave and Mike specifically because Dave invited you on my personal comms with him. I find this peculiar.

This speaks VOLUMES to your intent and the intent of this “cartel” like activity!

As to others “advising” me. They (Mike) graciously gave me some pointers and sales information, which after considering I decided upon going my route which again, I am very happy with.

So, to get to the point: STOP PUTTING YOUR WORDS IN MY MOUTH!

Is that clear?

Almost forgot to add, and par for your m.o.

Where the heck did I ever say y’all weren’t helpful? Please educate me master!

Hey man, house smartazz here…

I’m going to be serous for a monent.

@AssyRequired is one the best, most methodical and determined troubleshhoters I’ve ever known. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always come across well in print. He can’t hold your multimeter for you, he can’t count the blink codes, he cant hear or see the wiring on people’s vehicles. Often times incomplete informaton is provided by the person with the problem, or they jump the gun, or whatevet. Unfortnatley, when trying to figure out and solve someones problems remotely, “point of fact” communication style sometimes sounds like something less than hospitable. And yeah, sometimes people get tired of answering tje exact same question over and over, for free… I know that myself, i swear, I’m gonna pistol whip the next guy i hear say “shennagans”… assyreqd is one of the better guys helps our more than most. Hes not bad, he’s just drawn that way.

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The intent was to get you advice from some who were less frustrated than myself.
Seems to have worked.


I appreciate the “advice”. Please refresh my tired memory after flying all night, but exactly where did I state to any of you “you weren’t helpful”?

How do u also infer my lithium conversion is a " cobbled together " project?

Other than the over-rated voltage boost which I already told you was not that important, I’m very happy with my Lifepo4, yes, lifepo4 conversion.

The “advice” given by you was to sell me the sdi drop in package, which is actually quite inexpensive.

I received no other advice from you. Mike on the other hand gave me some good pointers over the phone and was absolutely a gentleman to talk with and zero sales pitch.

I’m so sorry you found my extremely limited discourse with you so "frustrating ", I actually find that hilarious!

I dont know assyreqd from squat, but he seems to assume he knows me which I find incredulous. I have never had comms with him.

Amost everything he stated was false and putting words in my mouth.


I appreciate your comments and totally get what your trying to say. However, I was never seeking noob hand holding, never asked for step by step instruction as this stuff is actually quite simple to me, not rocket science.

Please read my op before responding, unlike what assy did!

In my very technical line of work, when a person communicates the way assy does, circuit boards dont get burned, much worse, very bad things happen and lot’s of people get hurt or worse.

I really don’t care what a guru he is, his attitude towards me was way out of line and I deserve an apology.

I’d be more than happy to post my personal comms with inwo and lg to refresh Dave’s memory.

Apparently you missed the first time I pointed to it. Can you explain what was the purposes of this statement?
Because the whole post #3 came off as snarky and condescending.
Did I misread that?

That would be the Michael who I invited to the message in a peculiar manner?

This is part of my frustration. I do not have, nor do I think anyone has an algorithm to program a 96v DQ for 26s LFP. The lowest voltage I am aware of is 98.4v.

I have seen Byron give someone a charger before letting them order the wrong one.

As in, snarky and condescending like most of your posts?

I made that statement as a valid observation.

You sir, are way too tightly wound and way out of line.

Hey man… if you feel that slighted, there is nothing me or anyone else can say.

Did you read and understand your blanket statement about Byron and what my resonse addressed?

I too have many leather bound books and my appartment smells of rich mahogany also.

Hey bro,

Not slighted in the least. I’ve re-read my statement and understand it and it stands.


I have no leather bound books or mahogany in any of my homes!

Cheers and peace.

You owe an apology to the community for this statement.

If you read any post you’ll see that @Inwo @AssyRequired @LithiumGods are the the most helpful members in this forum.

Most people will post the problem and then forget about the forum, these guys combined know more about the gems than any other person.
They spent thousands hours tinkering, and posting results so you could come here and say oh “I need a spoof”

Don’t disrespect people like that