Individual cell charging

I’ve been thinking about LiFePO4 conversion and charging schemes.
Both my cars have delta-q.

Found a source for 10a or 20a single cell isolated chargers. Total cost is not much more than a good brand 48v or 72v 20a charger.

At first thought, using 15+ (or 25) chargers seems complex, yet it seems to simplify the over-all system and serviceability.

No need to bottom balance. Or balance at all.

Just keep track of discharge. Or better yet monitor for a low cell, using the simplest single cell bms boards, to warn of low cell voltage.

With experience, just monitoring total voltage may suffice.

Sounds like a Gadget Freaks nirvana. In reality, in the real world ,successful installations running on the road have no BMS and the next step up usually have a no frills BMS. Monitoring SOC should get you by in most situations.

Since nobodies talking about failed cells from going naked I would question the validity of going so complicated on a recreational road machine.

I would REALLY like to hear what the rest of you think.

Thank you for your input.

By the time I need batteries, I’m hoping for an affordable, drop-in system.

I’ve looked at all options, even quotes at dealer and distributor levels.

Wouldn’t consider freaky ideas if my delta-q could be reprogrammed.
Maybe there’s a 3rd party source or hack out there.

For anyone interested, here’s my charging curve of my 8X6v car. Trojan lead acid.
ps. I don’t know if it’s correct.


I thought you had a GEM cart and was looking for 90+ volts. I take it you have a 48 volt cart.

I have a Tomberlin E4 also. Haven’t done much with the Gem yet.

Is there a thread for comparing program settings? I just got my cables done for handset, but I’m pretty cautious yet.

In fact all I did is read the first 15 codes.:slight_smile:

Thanks for being on here. It seems to be a pretty dead forum without you!:smiley:

Not much of a picture. My garage.

Charger picture.