Looking for 2013 GEM e4 Service Manual

As subject says - anyone has a PDF by any chance?

By chance- What is your email?

I sent you a message.

Hey, do you happen to have a 2013 gem service manual? Any info would be appreciated! Thank you!!

Sure- What is your email?


Thanks so much! Starting another project!
My wife is thrilled, lol!

Would love a pdf copy of that manual. New to the forum but already loving the wealth of information!

ok- sending.
Is your car actually a 2013?

Hi I’m not sure if I am asking correctly but could I get a copy of the service manual for a 2013 Gem. Thanks in advance.

Yes my car is a 2013.

Apologies, I thought I sent that your way.
Sent now…

Got It Thank you so much!