Anyone have a service manual for 2016+ Gem?

Looking for a service manual, prefer 2018 but will take any year 2016+. Thanks

I do, but don’t know how to share it. You will probably need to order one from Polaris.

I do. It’s a 26.7 MB PDF file and can be sent on a memory stick. I don’t have enough cloud memory to send it. The Polaris dealer was nice enough to give it to me. I don’t want to send it to everybody, but seeing that you are out there testing the limits of Gems, I’ll do it. PM me your address

thank you

mike mccormick
1725 crayton rd
naples, fl 34102

I have 2014-2021 eM1400 paperbound.

As GEMs go damn near everything on the eM is unique to that vehicle and what isn’t, is just taken from different model rangers

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You can always count on AssyRequired to give good tips! I sent file to Michael’s Email address through Google Link. LG let me know if it worked

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Did you get the service manual? I can get them also. I will just use Google Drive to share the file if you like. Please advise.

Got one. Good quality