Looking for 2008 e4 accelerator peddle 0148-01000

looking to replace the peddle on my 08 e4. already had the pedal and seems like its failing. Looking for anyone selling an original peddle. 0148-01000

What are the symptoms? Is it throwing a code?
Jumpy on accel or changing speeds?

What does it do at full down?

Hey Gabe put in the pedal when he did the lithium conversion and we suspect the issues im having right now are due to the pedal. im having a few issues.

  1. after the car being off for a while when i turn it on and release the parking brake, i get an 08 error. if i press the accelerator it changes to 11, then if i let go of accelerator it says 08. only after several on/off and messing with pedal and parking brake does the car then allow me to move.

  2. after running for a while the car will just slow down, sometimes speeding up a bit then back down , back up and back down and this am it went down to a complete stop, having the pedal fully depressed. ive noticed if i turn the car off for a few minutes i can get it to move again for a minute or so but then it just starts slowing down again. ive noticed if i mess with the pedal while its slowing down SOMETIMES it will speed up for literally a second, but then back to slowing down. I dont know if its coincidence and somethign else is going on or if it is the pedal.

The batteries are operating correctly as far as i can see from the app.

you can see my issue #1 in this video.
when i let get of the parking brake, 08 comes on the screen automatically…without the pedal being pressed. then when i press the pedal it turns to 11. let go of the pedal, 08.

Yea - might be the pads not returning to home? That would give you high voltage at power up.
You could try turning off the car and pulling up on the throttle - then turning the car back on and see if the -08 clears. Not a great test but something.
The -11 is normal in this case and tells me the footswitch is working.

I agree with Dave, if the pads/brushes are not contacting well you could see odd speeds\jumping.

I don’t think you will find an original pedal -we have been looking for a long time :slight_smile:

I’d try a V test first. If P9(gnd) is not good and clean then V may not be pulled down low enough for start.

This theory falls apart with your low/variable available power when cruising story.

Still → Bad contact on controller pins?

I might have sent the one with the switch, but let me check my workbench.

I have a few sample throttles but wasn’t happy with the direction I was going.

I had to take a step back and deal with a few other things.
Sounds like it is time to clear the table again