List of available transmission adaptors?

I am in the early stage of selecting a donor vehicle… I’m probably looking for a small truck for my first project; probably with a king-cab since I do need to haul around children. I probably will look for something 5 to 10 years old max since I’d like to have the transmission, bearings, and other mechanical items to be in reasonable shape.

I am looking for a list of available motor/transmission adaptor plates so I don’t have to go through the pain of prototyping one with a local machinist. Does anyone have a list? A list of sources?

I would love to know what make/model/year already exist.

Here is one that i know of, they also sell kits if you are interested…

[QUOTE=Lectrol;1250]Here is one that i know of, …[/QUOTE]

thanks, and I also got a list in the material I just got from KTA services. their list in not online, but is n the printed catalog…

I am debating now whether I should concentrate on the easier install to a truck donor, or go for a lightweight sedan/station wagon. I do need capacity for 2-3 kids plus ‘stuff’ for average errands and carpool activity.

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