Adaptor Plates

I need adaptor plate resources for a 1986 WV Golf:

How to build one.
How to buy one.
Where to buy one.
Cheaper to buy offline/build yourself/have machine shop do it?

Anything will be extremely appreciated.

Does someone maybe even have one layin around? :wink:

You may have your answers to this already being it’s such an old post.

It’s of course going to be the cheapest to buy the raw materials and machine the items yourself. Nobody is mass producing anything in this market yet to make buying it ready made cheaper. However, most people don’t have their own maching equipment in the garage or even access to it. If you can find a friend that does and can do it for you, go for it. Be warned, however, any mistakes might end up costing you more. Raw aluminum is NOT cheap.

Having just any machine shop do this work I believe will be your most expensive route. Anything they haven’t done before means it will take them more time and they usually by the hour on a project like this so buying online through an ev website might be a good option.

I’m actually taking a slightly different route. I’m buying some of parts pre fabricated from EV America. They sell adapter plates and spacers for my motor for not much over the metal cost. So basically the spacers are 100% ready to bolt on. The adapter plate has the motor holes ready to go and then you just cut out the pattern for your tranny and drill the bolt holes. Then all that is left is the coupler. So even if you get that machined at the local machine shop it will be a lot cheaper than having them make all those pieces. Luckily I have a family member with some maching equipment but limited time so this works out well for me.

This is the step I’m on now and waiting for my pieces to arrive. Check my blog for updates over the next few weeks and we’ll see if this was the best path or not :smiley: