Lime Rock Park Charging!

For road racers, Lime Rock Park installed a 220 outlet for our EVSRs!

They have been extremely accepting and helpful with EVSR, the fully electric racecar. They completely back our series and will be one of our major stops once we get going.

The charging is enough for both of our EVSRs to be charge at the same time without tripping breakers. Hopefully as our series becomes reality, we will see more charger ability at more tracks!


Without advertising websites or anything like that - I would be interested to hear about your plans, thoughts and hopes for the future.



Ask us anything.

We are very proud of our EVSR program with the longest competition range of any electric and a host of accomplishments in our first season, some of which we were not anticipating

Fast laps, first overall in numerous races against gas powered cars on an even playing field, and around 35 competition finishes in our first season without a mechanical failure in competition.

the car makes 160 HP at the wheels and at full power can run a 20 minute race and with slightly reduced mapping we can do 1/2 hour stints. our longest range in competiton was a 45 minute race at Lime Rock Park in which we averaged 72 MPH while covering a distance of 57 miles. That is over twice the distance of a Formula E car at a higher average speed on a single charge. We welcome any challenge we can find. Even at Full power we have exceeded Formula E range by 5 miles with average speeds over 20 MPH faster.

Looking forward to an announcement next week regarding a major international event in 2015 but that will be next week.

Our primary goal at this time is to find funding to build a fleet and create a support series for pro racing in the US. We have already proven virtually everything we need to with regards to performance and range. now we just need the support to create a series. These are REAL race cars going REALLY fast on REAL race tracks.

I almost forgot… We posted a top speed of 140 MPH at Pocono International while running at an average speed of 115 for 15 minutes with a little charge to spare.

How about pictures?

Here is a picture of EVSR #01 Charging at Lime Rock Park. We are using one of our rolling chargers plugged into one of Lime Rock Park’s 220 outlets (on white stand).

If you were referring to the Pocono Run when we hit 140mph, we have videos and pictures of that on our website. Below is a link to a video of the event. We recorded the speed both with a Smarty Cam w/ gps and a radar gun.

Pictures from our 140mph, Zero emissions day at Pocono Raceway:

High Speed Pocono Test Runs – Photo Gallery