EVSR compared to Formula E

Now that the second Formula E race is completed we wanted to make a few comparisons.

  1. Formula E claims a top speed of approximately 150 MPH. Proven top speed appears to be around 110 on the Putrajaya course.

  2. EVSR top speed is a proven 140MPH at Pocono and on a road course we have exceed 125 mph at Summit Point and Virginia International Raceway and achieved 120MPH at every other track we run.

  3. Formula E range appears to be approximately 25 miles at very reduced power settings with a fast lap speed of 66 MPH (full power qualifying speed was 68MPH)

  4. EVSR has done 57 miles at Lime Rock Park (LRP) on a single charge averaging 78 MPH. In testing we did a full hour covering 72 miles at LRP. Qualifying lap speed at full power at LRP was 90 MPH.
    2a) EVSR averaged a speed of 100.8MPH on Watkins Glen International during a fast lap and averaged 86.3 MPH on its fast lap at Summit Point Raceway.

While we understand that Formula E runs on contrived street courses, and are therefore theoretically slower, there are many claims of speed that don’t seem to be substantiated in the coverage. An example is that on the front straight of the Putrajaya course it is claimed that the cars will [I]easily[/I] reach 200 KPH but in fact only displayed 175 KPH (109MPH) for a brief moment on the telemetry that was shown to us. Real data and facts was very limited in the broadcasts.

Not only that, but we built 2 EVSRs, tested them and campaigned them for more than 30 days on track in a single season, won races against gas cars and set records wherever we went. Our entire program from start to now (12 months) cost less than 1/4 the cost of a [I]single[/I] Formula E car.

It is possible that a Formula E car [I]might[/I] be faster than EVSR. On the other hand the series seems determined to avoid direct comparison at any venue with existing data available. Who knows, maybe we ARE faster. BRING IT ON.

EVSR would welcome any formula E driver to try an EVSR and we would pit our EVSRs against a Formula E car any day of the week on a real race course to allow for real comparative data.

[B]Spread the word and spread the challenge.[/B]

Hard Numbers:

Formula E (using data from Round 2 at Putrajaya)
Fastest qualifying lap: 1:22 on a 2.5km (1.55mi) circuit is 110kph (68.3mph)
Fastest race lap: 1:24.4 is 107kph (66.3mph)
Fastest speed displayed by in-car telemetry: 175kph (109mph).
Claimed top speed: 225kph (140mph)
Race distance: 31 laps @ 2.5km/lap = 77.5km (48miles) in 51.2 minutes is 88.5kph (54.8mph) average speed [B]using 2 cars to complete the race.[/B]

EVSR (Using data from our 30+ races)
Fastest Qualifying Lap: 1:00.8 on a 2.41km (1.50 mi) circuit 145kph(90mph)
Fastest Race Lap: 1:02.2 is 126kph (78mph)
Fastest speed displayed by in-car telemetry: +200kph (125mph)
Proven top speed: 225kph (140mph) Clocked with radar gun
Race distance: 38 laps @ 2.41km/lap = 91.7km (57miles) in 45 minutes is 126kph (78mph) average speed [B]using one car on a single charge[/B].

EVSR can go farther, faster and for longer than Formula E.