EVSR: An Electrifying First Year

Here is a quick compilation of EVSR, the fully electric racecars, first year in competition. We are participated in Road Racing, Hill Climbs, Autocross, and Drag racing. We have been as far North as Mt. Washington NH and as south as Virginia International Raceway with many stops in between.

We set records at almost every track we’ve gone to and keep getting better with each track day. Our plan is to create a fully electric racecar series that tours the US (and maybe world) for a number of pro races.

Here is the video, hope you guys enjoy it!

Thanks for your support! Im not sure were you are located but we have 3 events this upcoming month.

This weekend we are at Summit Point WV with IMG.

September 13&14 we will be at Mt. Washington NH

September 27&28 we will be at Pocono Raceway PA

If you are close to any of these places, feel free to stop by and see both EVSRs in action!

Well thank you for the support and kind words! We hope that our program will find sponsors and take hold well enough to trickle down into street car performance. Check us out on Facebook and well keep you posted about what the car is up to!