This Porsche Mission E sounds amazing!

Porsche is expected to present the Porsche Mission E concept car at the Frankfurt motor show. The vehicle has an 800 V all electric powertrain which creates 600 hp allowing the car to cover 500 km in a single charge. The complex 800 V all electric powertrain, as opposed to the traditional 400 V used by many cars, allows the vehicle to cover 400 km after just a 15 minute charge.

Is this a realistic challenger to Tesla?

15 min to charge on a DC fast charge or level 2? Depending on the price tag, it could be a challenger to Tesla, but the buyer demographic is still different…and Tesla’s brand is specific to EVs while Porsche may have to rebrand itself to bring this new image/identity.

Cool stuff though!

Sweet! Almost makes me rethink the voltage options on the F-14 EV concept…hmmm