LiFePo4 100 volt 3 X 10s modules

Most of my 10s modules are checking out 100% good.
I can offer a 30s 100v Gem hotrod pack for $1500 + $150 shipping.
100v has been done but no guarantee it’s safe for 72v car.

$1250 for 2 x 10s and a 5s. 25s 80v system. Stock charger may work.

5s%20dimensions 30s%20module

@chris1 is up to 29s and running strong.

Still cleaning up wiring but here are 29 cells located under my back seat in my 2002 E4.

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What the total weight?

Will DQ charger work?

Is all hardware included? Are they ready to install as a pack?
MY gels are about shot. Do you know the mileage available using these 80v

5lb per cell. 80v 25s is about 125lb.
Yes, i have 5s and 10s modules.
@LithiumGods is getting over 20 miles.
Newer dq can be reprogrammed or may work as is for 25s.
Does not require bms with occasional voltage checks for overcharging.

This is my cart. Three/four miles of extra range. Lots of acceleration. 42 MPH but limited to 38. The last 4 MPH EATS!!! range, True 22 miles range on turf mode flat ground.@ about 30 MPH

2002 2 seater 8.9 gearbox 21" diameter fat tires on 10 inch rims (205 65 10) 7.5 RFF Black Motor (My Mods) INWO Spoof. (I asked INWO to make me a modified Spoof to allow 2 more volts thru to better balance controller usage algorithm) I have the program set to 1 instead of 3 at present but it still alarms too soon. 31MDC batteries from O’Rilleys (trolling motor sweeper batteries 105 AH.

I charge 6 with the Zivan 7th with a cheapo. The Zivan will charge 7 batteries to 85/90%

Total cost $115