Lifepo4 drop in

Hi Dave,
Stretchkart here, What do you think the shipping cost to Atlanta would be?


I shipped 2 x 10s modules for $120
Another 5s, maybe $30.
So $150

I’m using 2p packs in my brothers 40v carts. 2p16s.
Work great.
I want to make sure the first Gem goes good, so I can move 1,000 or so cells.
I will test and balance before shipping. You need to monitor cell voltages after a few cycles to confirm cells are matched well.
Battery is pretty much empty at 3v per cell. Can’t run them below 2.8 often. Never below 2.5.
See if the 10s packs will fit in a Gem. If not I will reconfigure them. I’m hoping not needed, as they come in matched 10s. Lot of work to redo them.

You can return them at your expense in 30days, if not happy.
In theory 5kwh gives ~20 miles steady 25mph on level ground.
Depending on driving habits, might be much less.

Well, to be “drop in” a 10 cell pack won’t be. I can see 5 cell packs. What do you mean by matched, electrically or mechanically?

Could I just split the 10 cell into 5s after I get them?

4 or 5 packs are hard to band. Removing the tool releases tension. There are other ways of course.
I’m looking for a simple way to do Gems without redoing the modules. Not a huge deal.
The 10s modules would have been matched electrically when assembled at factory. Also not a big issue.
I believe they will all fit in a shelf above the frame. Front to back. My e4 has a big Bolt module in it that makes it hard to measure.

Total footprint of 3 10s modules is 14’w x 25’l 9"h
The 5s is shorter of course.

When I break the 10s down, one of the halves (5s) stays intact. Factory banding.
I guess I could do all 5s and use shims to keep the banding tight.

Let me know what you think of putting a shelf or box above the frame. Batteries are only a little over 8" tall.

This is my truck. It doesn’t have the cross frame.
Red would be a shelf.


Can I make this public to help others?

Maybe your right. 5 x 5s batteries, would drop in.

4s was hard to band, but 5 may be easier. I’ll try it.

Looks like about 29 1/2 to 3/4 inches

Distance between those aft vertical supports is exactly 14 inches. (green arrow)

Slightly over 9 inches but could be cut out to make it higher.

Looks like two 10 packs would fit pretty easy. Maybe 3???

So “slide in”

Could this charger be used?

Yes, charger is perfect.
Batteries are 8"h plus terminal bolts.
I have 25pcs bottom balancing on my bench. Load to left is dumping 15amps.
Inverse parallel connected.
MVC-012F MVC-011F

Must use multiples of 22 to 26 for correct voltage. Although 4s makes a 12v battery for accessories.
That could use 3 full 10 packs.

This is a one time deal for the first Gem conversion. Cells are $50 each.
Also trying to talk Michael into a set in Florida. He has thoroughly tested cells, and I believe that he finds them suitable.

What I should do is test it myself, but an independent test means more.

Pack will run my 15a load for >100 hrs. I better pull up a chair! :slight_smile:


I think I’m in. When can you ship? 3 packs of ten. Should fit if not any wider than 14 inches (see green arrow on edited pic above. Will tap 4 batteries for the 12 volt system:slightly_smiling_face: (why no smilely face?)

Building up the floor of original battery box should not be too difficult.

A few details the offer was $1000 for 25s. No problem with 26 cells. I need +$200 for the extra 4, if you want them.
Shipping will be actual cost. If you have access to a business account, it might save some money. I do not.
Payment PayPal friends and family or add 5% for fees.
I have tested these for capacity and 2p16s in a 48v vehicle. Not in a Gem. That’s where you come in. :slight_smile:
Send them back if you want, for any reason. (I only want good feedback) :slight_smile:

I will drop every thing to test 3 x packs after you confirm. Unfortunately, I broke down my tested modules to make custom packs. It takes me 12 hrs to test 8cells.
If any have a weak cell, it means starting over with a new pack.

Sorry for the red tape. Want no misunderstandings that may hurt future sales. I have 1k to find homes for.


$1200 plus shipping for 3 ten packs. I will start another pm to work out the payment details.

I don’t mind sharing publicly the install. Have some neighbors who might be interested after they see it…


Here are the three biggest lies told on this forum

#1 I will share and document the install
#2 The check is in the mail
#3 Just the tip

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