GOOD DAY: I’m military and lived onpost. I bought an EV months ago. The apartment I’m in cannot provide a decent 120v 15 amps for a trickle charge. I have tried to lobby and convince the leasing community to give me at least, the minimum access to plug my EV, but it seems the’re hesitant. I suffered the inconvenience of their delay of approval and afraid they just might reject it in the long run. I feel I’m being deprived of my right to drive the car I want. I used my EV for work.

Question: Do I have the legal right (or is there a law that allows me )to demand that I should be given at least, a working outlet where I can charge my EV for work? THank you.



You are asking for a modest amount of services and have been refused. If your land lord gives you access to your 15 amp receptacle he might be setting a precedent. The next guy may want a 250 volt high amp receptacle for his Tesla. And so it goes. This is a future issue for Potential EV owners that live in multiple family housing.

IMHO you should trade for a Hybrid. I don’t believe any court in the world would issue such a far reaching precedent setting ruling


Hi Ian

I am sorry to hear of the issues you are having but like Rodney said it is likely to become all too common a problem in the future. I read that some countries are now making it a legal requirement to add an EV charger to new homes - unfortunately this doesn’t help your situation.



having lived in apartments before and having asked for “odd” installations what I have found works is if you say “hey I really need this in order to use my vehicle, how about you let me pay for the installation and when I leave you have an improvement to your property” that has worked for me in the past when I was told no way.