The "vs." Game

I’m looking to replace a Mercury Sable with 175k miles for a commuter car. My commute is 15 miles each way and there are 2 level 2 chargers and trickle charge locations available as well.

I’m located in central CT, so my EV options are the Leaf, the eGolf or a PHEV like the Ford C-Max energi. I was hoping to get your thoughts on these.

I talked with VW and with the CT tax credit, I can get the LE trim level for 229/month for 36 months up to 30k miles. I’ll be doing test drives on Friday and wanted to get some opinions heading in to them.

Thanks for the help.

If your commute is only 15 miles I fail to understand the relevance of in route chargers in the decision. We have a charger in our downtown. The same Leaf is plugged in daily. most of the day. What happens when another person wants to use the charger.

IMHO You need to ONLY count on your own charger for energy. Depending on a public charger being available in route might lead to some long coffee breaks.

Does the lease include the charging station and installation?

Please keep us up to date on your ultimate decision and the thought process that led you to it.


Sorry, toddler running around. Chargers are at work and is free. Which is one reason I’m looking at an electric lease. Potentially $0 operating costs.

What would the all in cost to own of a conventional mid rung 5 door hatch look like vs. Bev/phev. Plus fun to drive and enviro benefits since charger is linked to solar and I have solar too for top offs.

Thanks folks

If you only use the vehicle for work and local a straight electric will work for you. If you have other plans or uses a Plug in hybrid is the way to go.I don’t like MINI cars and favor the Volt or Pruis plug in Hybrid. A 3 year old off lease, can be had for around $14000 +/-, IMHO a great deal for a comfortable car.