Hello, My name is Cynthia

I have just leased a 2013 Smart Fortwo Electric car and will be picking it up on Wednesday. I am so excited. My purpose of this vehicle is to commute back and forth to work in. Being able to accomodate both the lease price and the insurance on the gas I spent alone is well worth this study.

I am from Richmond Hill, Ontario, which is just north of Toronto.

Have a wonderful day.

Congratulations Cynthia! I hope you enjoy your smart electric as much as I enjoy my Leaf! Best auto purchase I ever made! How long is your commute?

Hello. :slight_smile: My commute is 30km each way. So I will be doing approximately 60km Monday to Friday.

Do you have any tips or tricks you could share with me?


Gonna pick up my Electric Smart Fortwo on Thursday…so excited. I love the feeling that I am ahead of the pack in green technology. :slight_smile: Oh, and not paying for gas is the BOMB!!

You’re right! Not paying for gas is great! I havn’t bought gas in almost a year. As far as tips go; plug in whennever and where ever you can. Warm up your cabin before you unplug if you can. You’ll use less energy to heat and it will warm up your batteries so you will get better range. Most of all have fun! Electrics are a blast to drive. My commute is about 300 miles a week. I will have had my Leaf for 1 year in early March and will have in the neighborhood of 20 k miles. Are you planning to install a level 2 charger at home? Also what is the stated range of the Smart E.V.?

It turns out there are government rebates as well for level 2 chargers. Problem is I don’t own the house I rent. This is a problem and I won’t approach my landlady because my utilities are included in my rent and I don’t want her jacking my rent. So, looks like I will be plugging in behind the closed door of my garage…lol

The stated range is 132 km per full charge and seems it will take and overnight charge to fill.

I have started a blog and will be documenting my experience. I do plan on having a lot of fun.

Thank you so much for getting in touch with me. I would love to continue to touch base.

You have a fantastic day!

I charge at work on a 110v circuit. I find that I can raise my state of charge about 45% in 8.5 hours. If your apt. has a dryer plug in the garage you might be able to make that work. Do you have any public stations near you? That would help. I don’t have any near me as I live out in the sticks.
132 km is about the same as mine. That works well for me. I drive 30 miles to work, charge and drive home. I plug in and within an hour and a half I am ready to do my shopping or whatever. (I’m 20-25 miles from anything) For me a level 2 is almost a requirement.
I would love to keep in touch and hear about your experiences with your new car. Nobody I know has an E.V. here or much knowledge about them so finding someone to chat with about it is a pleasure. I will have to check out that blog.
You have a wonderful day as well!