LCD Display Calibration Mode

When I enter DCM I have a list of about 16 Items I want to check everything is correct.P.204.baee-49.balance-35.AHD0.0.Ahoc1884.soc.99.Ahe7043.Eid.1104.Erelio-23.cpie450.chdise488.le on le off chle100.nocle13 Energy.675.7.I would like to know if these are correct or can any be changed to increase anything:clap2:


Thatsa Bunch

When you find out please educate us.


what year is that display ? after 2010 ?
i also wonder of all that settings

on mine i only tried change this settings

ltOn 30 …then headlights on display will light with 30%

ltOFF 100 …then headlights off display light with 100%

CHlt 100 …then charge display light 100%

noCLt 10 …charge finnish display light 10%

can we put together a list of what those categories do ?

I only know soc is state of charge for your battery pack . charge your pack full and set to 100

OK Inwo and I are working on the T3 T4 T5 series programming.

How about Bugman and Gem e2 and Kinghappy lead the charge on Display Calabration items . How What Significance of each item,

Bugman you start the new thread.

Were all gonna benifite from these 2 studies I’m a bit exited about this because most people don’t know these features are built in to the control.


To bring us up to date : Dave and I are getting aquainted with T4 programming software.

We have baseline readings on 2 vehicles we believe to be factory setups. We will proceed to try different settings. HOWEVER it will have to warm up a bit more than 50 degrees to get meaningful results.

Dave is working on “Magic” performance enhancing devices that Grant and I have been testing. He will fill us in as progress develops.

If any of you have program readouts from your hot rod carts that you could share please send me a pm.

I believe it’s going to be an interesting spring.


yes this is a 2011 gem e2 .7hp motor yes I know the soc is state of charge when you try to go from 99 to 100 it goes back to 99.Just wondering if any other settings will give it more power for hills?

Not without adjusting controller settings. You need programmer software kit. for GE T4 controller

Reduce the #7 setting number (minimum field current) in steps of 5 Don’t go below 51. I never go below 56.

We have changed out our battery charger to a non factory version and purchased Napa Gel Batteries. The SOC Meter won’t work properly on our 2007 Gem E2 car, We have been using a Batt Six to keep a reliable eye on the Battery pack. To get the battery bar display to read full charge after a charge we have been going into the LCD Setup and resetting the SOC State to 99-100. When doing this a couple weeks ago I accidentally had a blond moment and entered the BAT mode and changed the setting. Since then the Battery Bar Display doesn’t work like it did.

Does anyone know what the BAT mode is and with the equipment ours has what it is supposed to be set to?
Also has anyone got a listing of what ALL the settings are?

I’ve searched the forum and this is all I could find on the calibration settings.

To enter these setting modes:
Have the Trip Meter Setting Showing On the Display
Hold trip meter button down
Move Turn Signal Lever to right turn position,
Then Left Turn position
Then back to off position
Display will read PO15
Move the Turn Signal lever to Right Hand Position to Toggle thru the different settings
Which will be:

Bat ???

SOC -------------sets battery bar graph
Lt On ------------sets display brightness - When Headlights Are ON
Lt OFF ----------Sets Display Brightness - When Headlights Are OFF
CHLt -------------Sets Display Brightness - When Car is Charging
noCLt ------------ Sets the Display Brightness - when Charger is Finish Charging

Hello, have you been able to figure out what the ‘batt’ setting does or what the value should be? I am having same issue where bdi does not update after I accidentally changed the settings.

Anyone figured this out yet?