2005 Gem Dashboard Light Replacement

Does anyone know how to do this? What light is needed. My cart has 2 screws by display, is that all that needs to be removed?

The one that lights up the LCD? Is it not bright enough?
Have you checked the brightness level?
A quick search of our handy archives brings up this handy bit of info that may help.
I’ve searched the forum and this is all I could find on the calibration settings.

To enter these setting modes:
Have the Trip Meter Setting Showing On the Display
Hold trip meter button down
Move Turn Signal Lever to right turn position,
Then Left Turn position
Then back to off position
Display will read PO15
Move the Turn Signal lever to Right Hand Position to Toggle thru the different settings
Which will be:

Bat ???

SOC -------------sets battery bar graph
Lt On ------------sets display brightness - When Headlights Are ON
Lt OFF ----------Sets Display Brightness - When Headlights Are OFF
CHLt -------------Sets Display Brightness - When Car is Charging
noCLt ------------ Sets the Display Brightness - when Charger is Finish Charging

Take note of all numbers before you change them (just in case you mess up and need to go back in and put things back)

Thanks, not sure if trip meter is working, then what?

Are you saying you can’t see anything in the display at all? That is wayyyyy different.

Does the car function?
What happens when you turn the key?

Thanks, got the codes in, it did brighten some, but at 100 still dim.

Interesting, I wonder if it is backlit via CCFL and it either lost a tube or a part of it’s driver. It sure seems like the era before everything started going LED backlight.

Does it dim a bit if you turn on the headlights?

You might want to keep an eye out for someone parting out a car or a deal on a new one.

I seem to remember a topic somewhere about someone replacing the first layer covering the display. It had gone overly dark from years of sitting out in direct sunlight. It made a world of difference. Let me see if I can find it.