It's happened

Well it’s happened. It sorta crept up on me but my GEM turned into my primary driver. We live in a cart friendly city so we aren’t restricted where we travel in the community.

One of the big reasons for the change have come about because of the performance upgrades I did to the cart. Bigger brakes, bigger motor, reprogramming of the controller. It can do 40 MPH but i have it choked down to 35. this gives me really good performance and fairly good range. I can now get anywhere I want to go as quick or quicker than in the car. The longest trip is about 7 miles with most being 5 or less.

The only car trips seem to be to church, doctor or the Mall in the Villages over 25 miles away.


Hi Rodney

What kind of mileage do you get on a full charge?

Depends if I feather foot up to 25. Normal is 15-20. How ever I really don’t pay much attention and plug it in every 2 days. My longest trip is about 7 miles and I can do 2 or 3 without getting nervous about range,

Sounds perfect for local travel needs.