Is this a good Motor to use?

This is a motor off of a brake lathe. It’s currently set to 115v off a wall plug. Was wondering if this can be used as a motor for something like a small go kart or maybe even a motorcycle. Would it even be worth it? (it is kind of large) or should i try to find a purpose built DC motor instead? My knowledge is very limited as i’m just now starting to get serious about figuring this stuff out. I know i need a speed controller and converters of some type, maybe even a transmission, just none of the finer details… How could i set this up to be any use in a mobile aspect? how much battery voltage/amperage do i need to get a dc-ac converter just to get it turning without being plugged into a wall?

This is a poor choice.
Pick a dc motor or 3 phase motor.
Yes, in most case a controller is needed.