Is there anywhere to get a throttle control?

Mine had the usual symptoms of super slow for a day or so then it would not move, no codes. I removed and opened her up to see if it was fixable. No go. Brushes #3 row on the servo was holding on by a thread and when I sprayed electric cleaner and lightly brushed with a quip it broke. Any suggestions? Anyone rebuild these things?

How ambitious are you?

Out of my league I think unfortunately. I can wrench, but technical stuff like this usually evades me. So that is it? Is this gem essential useless now?

New type kits are available from Polaris.
If you are desperate, I could use someone to help me figure out a replacement.
I tried it on my Gem but did not install it. Only tried it enough to know it runs.
Could be other issues to get it tuned properly.
I have an extension cable made for testing, but it needs to be installed and ran for a while to see how smooth it is.

This really bums me out as it has been a big project getting it back up and functioning properly. Finally felt completely comfortable with 8-10 mile trips and now I can’t see investing another $4-500 bucks for this controller. Seems to be a bit of a money pit. Not to mention what I’m paying for insurance too. Why are parts so scarce and or unavailable?

That’s the best I can do to help. My research is to find a solution for others. Mine works fine.

I apologize if it sounded like I did not appreciate you input. I certainly do. Just venting. As I’ve read so many threads here I can absolutely see that you have a great understanding of these vehicles. Thank you for the information.

Totally understand.
I am looking for someone to test the new Saturn throttle. I’d only give it 50% chance of working first try.
So it’s no job for the frustrated. :frowning:

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I’ll buy yours. Give me a price.

$100 plus your old one.
Understand that this is a first attempt. It may need to be returned for adjustment or refund.
I don’t have the time or desire to further test it until I need one myself.
If you don’t want to bother switching the throttle until it’s tested, I can send a 10’ extension to use it as a hand throttle first. That’s how I tested it.
How hard is it to remove?

One idea I have, is to offer the throttle and extension for testing purposes. No removal needed.

So I’ll be glad to get it back either way.

That sounds more than fair. And since I already have mine out I won’t need that extension cord. I’ll install yours and start the testing as quick as possible. The initial removal required removing the 3 bolts in the assembly along with the lower part of the dash to lift the pedal over the framework. Not to difficult but took a couple hours. I purchased a MM from you before. Send money to same PayPal? I’ll send my assembly back when I receive yours?

Yes, that works.
Send as a gift and also send $1 as a payment, that lets me print a shipping label from PayPal.

Thanks, I’ll get it out to you.
Any feedback will be appreciated. I want to get something working for Gem throttle replacement. If we can get this working, great. If not, back to the drawing board. :slight_smile:

Flight Systems Industrial Products will rebuild it.

How much$$$ ?..

@Don_Goll, I see a couple 5/16nc on my desk that I forgot to put in the box. Hope you have a couple in your junk drawer.

I do. No problem. I’ll keep you posted sir.

I don’t see the year of the vehicle mentioned in the subject line… some of the early models, like my 2002, need only a 5K ohm POT( 3 wires ) and a switch( two wires ). with Zero Throttle, the pot is turned all the way to one side and the switch is pushed( open ). Give it throttle by closing the switch and turning the POT.

This could be made out of sheet metal and a piece of wood. 3D printing wouldn’t be too difficult either. Or spend ~$200 on one from NEV Accessories or elsewhere(ebay maybe).

Any news?
I received yours today.

I’m sorry it took a bit to get it installed and tested. However, I commend you INWO. You sir are a genius. Your design works perfectly. I’ve run it approximately 10 miles at various speeds and in all gears. Thank you!