Gem cable

Do you have any of the cables/ switches available?

What are you looking for?

The cable setup for the Gem throttle conversion

I have all the parts. Still in the testing stage.
You don’t really need a cable if you do it yourself.
The Saturn throttle seems to work as-is. Needing only to add a switch.
Depending on your ability and needs, I can supply what you need.
For example, you may only need to add the switch if your pot is still good.
I should make this public to help others.

Oh ok. I have the Saturn switch, I thought the cable was needed to adapt it over. Saw your other post with the soldering you did on the inside of the house. My pot traces were fried and I have some golf cart microswitches already

The pot part is wired correctly. Just plug it in.
Then wire a switch connected to the two switch wires.
Switch turns off at idle. On throughout stroke.

Just a tip. When you bolt the new pedal onto the new Saturn box, put the bolts in with the bolt head towards the drivers side and nuts on the passenger side. I did it the other way and after putting it all together, I found out the bolts were rubbing on the frame and the pedal didn’t move freely. Also a big thank you to Dave for the help. Mine’s working great, now on to some more mechanical work.

How about a report on the swap?
Internal mods or external switch?
Mechanical switch?

If making your own, I can sell the hall switch with bracket for $50 each.

3 wires to harness. Brown, Black, Blue from Gem harness at throttle.
Cut the “G” and “J” wires from throttle plug, as they go to a second pot inside.

This shows a custom harness. Cutting and splicing the wires works just as well.

I used a piece of 10ga. Steel and bent it over to make an L and attached it to the throttle mounting bolt. I used the timco switch you mentioned and made my own weatherpack wip since I have a big aversion to cutting the wiring harness( I got the hebe jeebies just looking at the diagram you posted of how to cut the wires… I know I’m OCD). I’ll try to remember to get pictures next time I’m at my garage - Just cut off one of my a arms because the bushings are bad. Hopefully I can source cheaper ones than the $15/piece ones from NEV since I need to do both upper and lower on both sides.

I agree, that’s why I made a harness. Too much work to market, so I think I’ll just sell the solid state switches and brackets.
Is your replacement throttle working?

Yes everything seems to be working well but I’ve only put about 10 miles on it, other problems keep popping up. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to end up with a completely new car by the time I’m done.

Here’s some pictures of the install.

Do you have any idea what this box is? I’m thinking it may be some kind of fast charger but not sure.It’s under the hood above the left wheel and it’s an 2008

I got mine to work but didn’t take pictures. Used a NC mechanical microswitch mounted to a 5 panel golf cart mirror bracket cut to fit. Takes off nice and smooth. Thank you for all the work you’ve done on this inwo

The sealed switch maybe a better option long term. Should prove simpler to adjust as it can be mounted against the lever and actuates in 2mm.
I picked up some extra switches with brackets thinking of making kits.

I would also teach someone how to modify the internals for the switch section. A good business opportunity?