Is charging battery over long period of time safe?


I have just picked up a Ring RPP225 12v 800amp powerpack, and on seeing that it takes over 30 hours (dont know how long specifically) I realised it may go into the time that I would go on holiday!

Is it safe to leave it charging whilst I go on holiday for 5 days? It seems ridiculous but they require you to leave it overnight anyway.

thanks for any help


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I do not know enough about your power pack. The 800amp would indicate that it is used for jump starting an engine rather than being a “smart charger”. Check and see if it is “self-limiting”.

On the pack it says the charging facility is fully automatic

I think it would be alright, just make sure that it is not a dumb charger and will overcharge. I have seen some fires, but generally someone hooked up the battery backwards and system only had over-current protection on positive cable.

Not at all safe. Diconnect your battery else you may have to replace it with a brand new one. The elctrical ssytems like electrical ssytems (on-board computer) , clock will still slowly drain the battery.
buy a trickle charger and leave it connected to the battery to slowly charge

I think that is what he actually wants to do, leave it connected to fully automatic charger.

According to my experience it would be fine. But battery backup is depends on how you use. As you mentioned charging facility is fully automatic then it should be enough.