2002 825 charging clarification

I recently bought a 2002 gem car. I was given advice to not keep the gem plugged in because it will over charge the batteries. But, also was given advice to charge the batteries after using it. I sense put a timer for a hour and a half on the outlet so I won’t damage the batteries. Here in New York I can’t run it so do I leave it plugged in all the time, keep it on the timer for an hour and a half. other options
note, lead acid batteries.


set timer to 8 hours every 2 weeks if timer is a 7 day unit set it to 8 hours every 7 days.

(Charger has to be shut off to recycle)


Thank you for your help. I’ll have to get a week charger. The one I’m using is a day time. On and off 24 hours