Trickle Charger for 2002 GEM 825

Good evening everyone. New to the site as of tonight. Came across a 2002 GEM 825 for sale by a private owner here in N.J. with about 5,000 miles on it and my wife and I drove it and decided to ‘jump in’ and purchase it today. This is our first electric vehicle purchase and intend to use it at the New Jersey shore area during the Summer season. That being said, I intend to garage it for the several ‘off season’ months and was looking for advice on a ‘trickle charger’ if there is one for this vehicle. (I currently use a Schumacher for my Harley). Finally. Given that this is an older vehicle I’ve been around long enough to have learned that ‘Murphy’s Law’ is consistently alive and well. That being said, I’m guessing there will be some issues and therefore looking forward to the fine folks here in the forum for answers.

Current practice the seems to work well is to put the cart on a timer and turn it on for 8 hours every week (or 2 with the right timer) make sure the timer you buy is at least 15 amps

Very good Old Houseboater. Do you have any brand name timers to suggest? And I’m guessing I’m just plugging-in as nomal however introducing a timer device at the electric outlet in my garage.

Yes, make sure you leave your battery switch ON. Try to get a heavy duty timer Home Depot etc.

The old fashioned kind with the dial you put pins in is ideal. 2 week is great but 1 week timer is OK

Saw this one on Amazon prior to your msg.

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maybe something a little more robust