2002 e825 charging tips

Hello all.

My wife purchased an e825, 4 seater. It’s been at our lake House and this is my first time seeing it.

I plugged it in to the 15a wall outlet and nothing seems to be happening.

It’s been plugged in for 15 hours and I can’t get any response from it.

I could use the manual in general but what am I missing?

The batteries are 6 months old and under warranty still but I’d rather not have to pull them.

Thanks for whatever help you can offer!

Are you sure outlet and cord are working? There is a main disconnect switch under rear seat, is that turned on?

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Is it a detached garage amd are there any combustables in the near vicinity?

The outlet and the cord are both working.
I looked under the seat and found the cutoff but it hasn’t been touched until I took the seat off.

The car was delivered charged. The in-laws used it until it died and it hasn’t been touched since (about 3-5 weeks ago).

It is a detached garage. There is an empty propane tank and a small gas canister for the mower, the mower itself and a boat. I’m curious why that’s relevant? There is no fume buildup, and the garage has passive vents.

Your pack voltage is too low for the onboard charger to kick on. You’lll need to hook each battery up to a portable “dumb” charger and charger them individually.

Never take a lead based battery below 50% if you can avoid it (about 12.6v)

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Asking for a friend…