2002 gem e825 won't charge

Help my E825 is not charging.
I currently have 68V and not sure why it will not charge.
Any input would be appreciated

Thank you in advanced

What is the LED and beeper doing? Chances are the voltage is too low for the on-board Zivan charger to begin a charge cycle. Try using a conventional 12 volt automotive charger for 10-15 minutes on each of the 6 batteries and then try the Zivan charger again.

This procedure will raise the battery voltage above the cutoff point temporarily so the built-in charger can complete the job. How did your batteries get so run down? Unless it’s been updated, the built-in charger only goes through a single cycle each time it’s plugged in so you may want to consider sending it out to be updated to the newest software. That way you can leave it plugged in and every 2 weeks it’ll run a full charge cycle.

Another thing you should do is turn off the battery disconnect switch if you don’t plan on using the GEM for more than a day or so. It will keep from discharging the battery through the electronics. There’s up to 1/2 amp draw all the time to keep the DC converter and motor controller powered and ready to go. Keep in mind that it won’t charge with the disconnect switch open.

Newbie here trying to consume as much info as possible.
When charging individually, should they be disconnected from the series to do so?
I recently bought a 2002 E825. I am getting the constant steady red blink with beep when plugging in to charge. The cart has not been charged for 3 months.
Also, the battery disconnect is slightly corroded so I was looking to replace it, but cannot find the proper replacement. Is there a recommended replacement?
Thank you in advance.