Hi another newbie here
I have a 1977 Alfa Romeo Spider to rebuild.
I am either going to spend a lot of money (to me) on ICE carbs, gas tank, exhaust, and much more I’m sure. Or convert to EV, I like the idea of old forklift motors and other parts separtely.
I know series wound DC is recommended so I spent a lot of time this weekend researching forklift motors. GE seems to come up lot but I would like to be how to select a proper sized one. I hear 100- 150 lbs but but that is not specific enough to pick one on line.
I found several places with salvaged or rebuilt ones but they only knopw by application.
I do electrical, can weld, and have a good source for batteries and more time than sense. So I think this is a good project for me
Any contacts or part numbers would be appreciated


Hi AlfaEV

That sounds like a very interesting project you are about to take on!

If you post in the conversion section: –

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you should attract more feedback.

Good luck with your project.