Introducing Bob Borisoff, PE

I have set up this profile for my Dad to introduce Bob Borisoff, PE a mechanical engineer who has devoted his career in the building of Electric Transportation equipment. Among others… an electric car was build for the famed violinist, Jascha Heifetz as well as 50 passenger Electric Buses which traveled the circle route in Long Beach, CA. These buses are still in use in Boca Raton and Welfare Island NY.

Bob built amusement rides for Universal Studios, CA and Pacific Ocean Park in Santa Monica, CA. We also have a working trolley car which travels around our backyard in Woodland Hills, CA.

Bob has collected many motors suitable for use in small vehicles. Some of these might be handy for members who enjoy building transporation vehicles. In addition we need to find a home for 3 120v dc traction motors rated at 50-300 hp and which develop 800 ft/lbs of torque!
Please let Bob know if you have interest in a DC traction motor.

Paul Borisoff for Bob.