I know I'm going to be slamed for this

Is there anyone out there that might have a Advanced 9" laying around that they might let me borrow to try a new invention of mine.
I built an electric car many, many years ago and would like to build it again. My problem is I can not afford to purchase all the materials I need.
If anyone has a motor they could loan or donate, and if my system works I would be happy to give a percentage of business for they’re help.
This is not a joke and if you email me I will tell the whole story about my car.
Started building it in 1972 and finished it in 1975, drove it over 1000 miles without charging batteries (3-12v car batteries), top speed at that time was 82 MPH. Drove it from Eugene, Oregon to Seattle, Washington all through downtown Portland spent the night in Seattle, and non stop next day back to Eugene.
I am not a electronics engineer, or have a PHD in anything. Just a truck driver that had an idea and it worked then and should be better now. I just need some help.
I am in Canyonville, Oregon one mile from I-5.

No slamming, just a healthy dose of show me how it works. I don’t have any new advanced DC motors laying around, but I can help you find a good DC motor cheap. They are often available from Forklift co’s and motor rebuilders. There is one in Eugene OR that often has cheap motors available. You should be able to find one, if not E-mail me and I’ll help you look. If you would like to discuss your invention with me I am an engineer and always available to help a fellow ev’er.