I Need a Android device?

Hey I am in. Red of a Android device. I’m a Life long I phone user so I have no idea what to get.

#1 its gotta be cheep.
#2 is only going to be used to program/control my ANT BMS.
#3 the screen or size is not important cause I already have a dash mounted display for my BMS

Please let me know what you recommend

Looks like WallyMart has $59 7inch tablets?
Anyone see anything wrong with getting a elcheepo? Or should I get something nicer

Should work fine - probably running three or four older versions of Android OS but it will work for your needs.

Are u saying the Walmart device will need to be updated ?

I am saying that it probably cannot be updated to the current version of Android OS, hardware will not support it - but it should not matter. It will be new “enough” to run what you need.

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I was in the same position. I bought that cheap one from Walmart and it works perfectly for programming and monitoring the ANT BMS

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Grant is having an Episode, it will all be fine. Snowflake, I have an old android phone if you want it. I can preload the app for the technology challenged. And for a bonus you can activate it and escape from the Apple stranglehold.

I got a Walmart android tablet and for some reason the App Store does not show the ANT BMS app That matches my BMS

Can you scan the code on the BMS? I think that takes you direct to ANT for the App.

I don’t know that I have ever gotten the ANT app from the google store. I always just loaded the .apk files.
Do you have those from Dave?

I sent you a link - try some of those. - not sure what version you need or which ones work, it all seems to depend on the ANT BMS

The new version is called My-app-1116.apk I fyou need it let me know

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I used vbms off the android store. Not ant’s but it seemed to work for me.

Try this.