BMS's for lithium packs, for sale

I have a few left over BMS’s from a project. Up to 24 lithium cells, uses the new ANT software. Bluetooth to your phone. I know for sure it is available on Android(what i use), would have to check on Apple.
10-24 cells, 300a

Can’t edit values on Apple, view-only, and it’s $9 in the AppStore.

Yes- That seems to be the issue with the iOS version of the ANT App.
They charged you $9 for it too??!?! I’d be mentioning this to the developer. They really need to update that App.

What version are you running? Maybe we can find a newer beta version somewhere.


Can you scrounge up an old Android device for the time being?

Yep gonna request a refund on it, and yes I have a spare Android I’ve been using

I would rather they get off their butts and update the app.
I don’t think my and your $8 is enough to do it tho.

Debating on going Lithium now that I know my batteries are bad.

Makes your Gem soooo fun to drive.

Maybe too much fun in a 2 seater!