2013 e2 Battery Upgrade

I need more range 50+
I need a Plug n play solution
My understanding is that the BMS manages charging & identifying bad cells. Do I need to interact with the BMS? Can the bms be preconfigured
Is a wired solution adequate?
I’ve had very little success with bluetooth/wireless stuff more complex than a mouse or connecting to a wifi network, I do have android phone & tablets that are reasonably current
I understand having the rare wired solution, could make

Looks like I can slide a battery pack from the the back
Is there an appropriate charge profile on a 2013 charger
What else is needed?
Who wants to sell me a package?

Scott is( in central CA.) and Inwo both ship. I don’t. You are going to like this setup

I have a 22s SDI ready to ship. Return it to Scott or one of my guys in SoCa if not happy with mileage.

Yeah you right
Being able to run the pack all the way down without stressing about wounding the pack, there’s no going back on a LA pack once you’ve drained them too much…
From what I’ve read lithium packs, don’t like being completely drained for extended periods, other than that robust

My Boy fun, hotrod brain tells me bigger, faster, drive to Tahoe or Carson City, Black Rock, which is more fun on a motorcycle anyway Bigger packs have higher voltage, which introduces issues which could affect reliability
My actual use case could occasionally go as far as 30 miles total

22s SDI it is send Inwo the $500 deposit?
When is the balance due?

Do I need anything beyond a piece of plywood for the battery frame
I’m considering a layer of pressure treated 2 x 6, would be easy & forever

Anything works and it’s all you need to do. Everything else is included.
Everything from sheet plastic/aluminum, pvc 1x8s from home store, to Unistrut have been used.
I’ll pm the payment info.

The battery is here
Look good
What android app for the BMS?
What is the 9volt hook up for?
Leave the top open?
Hold down suggestions?

Scan qr code for app. Pair 1234 pw 123456
Battery is jump start if bms gets turned off.
Top open? Picture?
Tie down ratchet straps over all works. Screws to shelf helps too.

  1. Deck. This is how I did mine.

Hold down suggestions?

If your deck is secure, then run a couple of good screws from the foot of the battery down into the deck.

Better would be to run a long bolt through to the bottom frame of the tray.

Battery comes with a vinyl cover. This battery may have been built for a specific client of Scotts.
I can send one if it’s not there.
No BMS should not be loose, the blue wire should be connected to B- on battery.

I thought Scott was on the same page as the rest of us as far as what was supplied.

Scanning the bms does take you to the download site. I can send a link to it as well.
If you find more issues, I may need to replace battery or find someone to put the pieces together.
@ScottyD @AssyRequired can you help me out here?


Link to app.

Left Garth a voicemail, when he calls back, we will get it handled.

TY, hard for me. I don’t know what I’m looking at. Subtle differences in what we supply.

I have the right app, I’m not very phone/app skilled, I’ll bang away later,
I’m in touch with Scott, he can send whatever enclosure, seals, BMS mount are needed
Here’s the loose component

I understand, it’s hard to do things long distance
No worries, you’ll help get it squared away

Optional spoof. Needed to get the most range from battery. We can explain later after car is running. Another may be needed for charger which I will supply.
Plug and play yes, but a few minor details. Sorry about getting off on the wrong foot. It will be worth the effort. :slight_smile:

Scott is the best cx service wise, just give him a chance.

Should I be mounting as far forward as possible in the battery tray?
I’m eyeing up the space under the seat & front of the battery tray as additional storage :smiley:

I think, yes. For rear spat to fit. Lots of storage room on top and to sides.

No spat, aluminum service bed
The reason I couldn’t get the app to work is my phone is android 10
ScottC is bringing a replacement

Android app does not work?
Do you have the red light on the BMS?

Nothing will connect to the BMS if there is not a red light blinking.