I hear some type of static. At top speeds

Trying to find out the part name or number. I think it’s called a contractor. It goes between the controller and the batteries next to the dash. I think it allows the power to go in the controller. Does anyone know what that part is called. 2005 gem

Hi i call it main contactor


Yeah I saw that one. Not sure if it’s the same for 05 and newer. I have an 05.

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it seems to be working and the volt drop from what I’ve seen is at max 3-4 I’m leaning on the controller being the issue.

Without hearing what you are hearing, it would only be speculation on my part that you might be hearing noise from the brushes arcing on the commutator. You might want to pull the motor apart and make sure that the brushes are not sticking in the brush holders and that there is no oil leaking into it from the pinion shaft.

Can I email you a little video. No pic but I put the phone under the hood while I was driving. Troyocfa@gmail.com
I just put the motor in from D&D its 5 days old.

If the brushes are square cut, it will take some driving for them to wear to match the shape of the commutator. Again, I cannot hear it, but am speculating based on the info you provided.

Thanks Russ. I’ll have to do a night ride and let some one drive while I check it out.

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