2005 gem code 5

Hey I just bought a 2005 gem and I’m getting code 5 when I press the pedal. Any ideas what I need to do?

05 main relay not closing electrical fault inspect main
relay and fuse

If you search “error codes” you can see them all.

05 seems to be a vague code. I found an old doc that referenced the car being in neutral(no direction selected). Try flipping the Fwd/Turf/Rev switch a couple of times and maybe select a different position. This may be from the old run system and may not apply to your car.

Seeing as you just brought the car home you need to give it a full check out. It sounds like you are not getting the “clunk” when you begin to press the pedal?

Do you have a meter? Start probing things out.

What is the status of the batt pack? What do you have for voltage?

Do a reading after a charge cycle, unplug the car and let it cool down then check it again.

Pull the top of the dash off and look for power all the way up to the Main Contactor/relay.

Actually it’s pretty specific.
Pin 3 at controller is not going low when pressing pedal.
Get rough with pedal. Slam it on and off a few times with no key on.
Might get it ti work one more time.
Unplug and reconnect throttle and controller plug.

Then check p3 to see that it goes below 2.5 volts with throttle.
If throttle is bad, I have a fix.

See- That’s why I called it vague. I also found a couple references to what MIkeKC pointed to. (Check main relay and fuse.)

I’m going to cut/paste your explanation into my personal error code list for later ref.

I guess Shanejenk1 could check p3 and if it remains high, to test he could force it low(jump it to 72Vneg) to check his pedal. Is there any reason this pin couldn’t just remain low? Does it need to come up for a reset?

That would be a good test, but it needs to be high when key is first turned on.
Part of a safety sequence.

I’ll try that tomorrow thanks. I’ve tried slamming the pedal and no difference. The guy I bought it from said it would run fine then just quit and sometimes messing with it trying the brake and gas it would all of a sudden go back to working then no matter what he did , he couldn’t get it to go again.
It doesn’t make any noise when pressing the pedal. It just goes to the code 05

I’ve checked and changed main relay fuse … No difference. I press the pedal error code 05 pops on the screen when I press the pedal.

What is the fix if throttle is bad.

If only the switch is bad, it can be easily replaced with an external sensor.
Need to test or jumper p3 to see if it then works.


You beat me to it.