I broke my car

well… not really but I blew a fuse and have no stop lites or turn signals… I
assume the black one with the other red ones is the blown one… it won’t come out… is there a trick that I don’t know? please don’t laugh… I’m the driver… not the wrench wizard


I fixed it… got the blown fuse out and replaced

Some fuses in the DC/DC convertors are known to melt together when they fail. We have had trouble getting these out in the past.


thanks… I think all my fuses have been in the car since it was put together… I got the blown fuse out… took the fuse from the wiper and put it in the brake lites/turn signal slot and with power I again had a car that was ok with lights… since there was no rain… I went to the parts store and bought a pack of fuses… replaced one in the wiper slot and now… bring on the rain… I’m off and running

Hi Bob

I would be interested to know the mpge and journey capacity of your vehicle? As more people post this type of data we should be able to build up a good picture of the electric car industry.



I bit ago, I got stuck in a Wal-mart parking lot - no 12V power at all. Under the dash, there are two fuses located on the DC/DC converter (at least on my '02.) One of these was blew when I flipped my main disconnect on, while I had the headlight in the on position and the key switch also in the on position. No way to change those fuses without tools to remove the dash. Had to drive home on pitch-black rural roads. Made it, but what a horror.

Keeping fuses, a roll of electrical tape, a reversible screwdriver, and a couple of wrenches in the glove box will take care of just about any problem on the road that doesn’t call for a replacement part.