E825 Headligths, horn, directionals, brakelight dont work

So I haven’t had any issues with my e825 car, washed it yesterday and today the horn, lights, wiper, directionals are all not working. Charger works, guage cluster works, car drives just dont have the other items. Is there a fuse that protects all these items together or something that would affect all of them together?

Found a blown 15 amp fuse in the printed wiring board.
Can anyone tell me what the 2 black wires are taped together hanging in this area that look like they would connect in the area of these fuses? I attached a pic.

It doesn’t appear your cart has had the DC-DC converter recall performed. I urge you to check your VIN on the NHTSA recall website. Polaris did the fix last fall on my cart for free.

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True story, called today. I have 2 recalls to be done, brake assembly and dc converter local dealer will be performing both. Thanks for the heads up!

Yes you have the old Circut board DC to DC converter. They have a New Converter and harness upgrade when all your 12v stuff go’s dead the DC to DC converter is usually the first suspect

BTW those two wires you were asking about are the 12volt accessory (ie… radio) positive and negative. Once you get a new dc/dc converter those hook ups might be different

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Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated.